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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  July 28, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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let's build a better tomorrow for our beloved children and our beloved country . >> hillary clinton accepts the nomination for president calling it a milestone in our nations history and bring me the democratic national convention to a close. >> well, i will be a president for democrats, republicans, independents, for the struggling, the striving, the successful, for all those who
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vote for me and for those who don't. for all americans together. >> [ cheers and applause ] >> it was the biggest speech of her career on the biggest stage. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. hillary clinton becomes the first woman ever to accept a major party nomination for president hammering away at donald trump's vision of america while also outlining what she hopes to achieve as president. ktvu's ross palombo is on the convention floor in philadelphia for this final night of the dnc. ross, you saw history in the making first-hand tonight. it must have been something to see. >> reporter: well, there was so much energy here in the fortunate that more than an hour after her historic speech, take a look at this room out here, people are still milling about, going through the
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balloons and looking at all the signs and posters. even signing their names on parts of the building out here. hillary clinton tonight did something she has never done before in her 17-year political history, she came out onto this stage and appeared vulnerable, vulnerable and powerful all at the same time. she told us about the differences between her and donald trump and the differences she will make as president. >> thank you for that amazing welcome. >> reporter: hillary clinton on an historic night, first thanking family and friends and then thanking -- thanking former rival bernie sanders. >> we can turn our progressive platform into real change for america. >> reporter: she acknowledged that these can be trying times and she says the stakes are high. >> it truly is up to us. we have to decide whether we will all work together so we can all rise together.
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>> reporter: clinton not only rick mentioned her republican rival donald trump by name, she repeatedly bashed his credentials and his temperament. >> a man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons. >> reporter: she outlined how her vision differs from trump, gave reasons why america is great right now and dismissed the notion that solving problems can be done alone. it wasn't until 17 minutes into her speech she spoke the word that no woman, republican or democrat, has said before. >> and so, my friends, it is with humility, determination, and boundless confidence in america's promise that i accept your nomination for president of the united states! >> [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: clinton called her nomination a milestone and not just for women but for everyone. >> when there are no ceilings,
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the sky's the limit. >> reporter: and talked about what she hopes to achieve as president. >> my primary mission as president will be to create more opportunity and more good jobs with rising wages, right here in the united states. >> reporter: she touted her experience as a first lady, a senator and the secretary of state but also says that she is the candidate who can identify with average americans. >> the family i'm from, well, no one had their name on big buildings. >> reporter: she repeated her campaign slogan, stronger together. made a pitch for independent voters and the undecided and positioned herself as a champion of the middle class. >> i sweat the details of policy whether we're talking about the exact level of lead in the drinking water in flint, michigan, the number of mental health facilities in iowa, or the cost of your prescription drugs. because it's not just a detail
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if it's your kid. if it's your family. it's a big deal. and it should be a big deal to your president also. >> reporter: she said she knows what it's like to suffer setbacks. >> i know it from my own life. more than a few times, i got to pick myself up and get back in the game. >> reporter: but she says she'll keep fighting for what is right to make things better. >> so let's be stronger together , my fellow americans. let's look to the future with courage and confidence. let's build a better tomorrow for our beloved children and our beloved country. and when we do, america will be greater than ever. thank you, and may god bless you and the united states of america. >> [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: there were
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problems in california, at the root of it. hillary clinton was up on the podium right there but look at this, to her right over there, that's where the california delegation was and there were bernie sanders protesters screaming throughout. so many people inside the wells fargo center that they said he drowned them out, we don't think hillary clinton even heard them, not even once. we have been following several of our delegates from the last week and we caught up with them for their reaction shortly after the speech. listen to this. >> i loved it. it was even beyond what i expected. so i'm so happy. completely fulfilled. >> i was just thrilled. i love the motto be the change you wish to see in the world. and she embodies the change. and she embodies the vision of america that i want to see going forward. >> i thought it was spectacular. i think for the first time, hillary showed you why she
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cared. how much she cared. and her determination to make us a better and stronger country. >> i'm over the moon with the speech. because this is the hillary i know. she has that sense of humor, that dry sense of humor. she's so smart. she's so strong. she's so resilient. she really, i think, showed the american people what kind of leader she'd be. >> reporter: well, what a journey it has been. not only for the candidates but for us as well. we started all this two weeks covering the republican national convention. then moving to the democratic national convention. and i'll tell you i don't know if you could strike a bigger contrast if the republican national convention turned out to be dark and gloomy, the democratic national convention was bright and hopeful in every aspect by almost everyone's comparison. that is the very latest life from us here in philadelphia,
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back to you there in the studio. >> ross, thank you. daughter chelsea clinton took the stage to introduce her mother. she said she had never once doubted the love of her parents and that feeling of being valued and loved is what her mother wants for every child. chelsea called it the calling of her life. >> she's a listener and a doer. she's a woman driven by compassion, by faith, by a fierce sense of justice and a heart full of love. i know with all my heart that my mother will make us proud as our next president. >> bay area democrats gathered at a number of watch parties tonight for clinton's historical speech. ktvu's jana katsuyama attended one party that was packed this evening at the holiday inn on van nuys incentives is go. jana? >> reporter: i'd estimate 300 people who were here in this
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restaurant and organizers say they had to open up another room for another 100 people who showed up. many people told me they didn't want to see this at home by themselves. they wanted to come out and share this moment in history tonight with others. >> [ cheering ] >> reporter: the hotel bar was packed with people. packed also with a wide range of emotions. cheers and reflection on the historic moment. >> never, ever did i ever expect to come to a day when we would have an african-american president and an incoming female president of the united states of america. >> reporter: clinton's speech was surprising for some. >> i never know -- i had never known she has fought for healthcare for kids, for life around the world. >> reporter: for some inspiring. >> this at the first time i really felt truly inspired by patriotism. and i felt a belief in my
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country. >> reporter: it was especially emotional for those who fought for hillary and stuck with her since their campaign launch in 2008. >> i was a delegate and i cried my eyes out. >> reporter: mark murphy now more determined than ever to help her when the white house. >> i'm going to work very hard. i plan on traveling to swing states. i have seven weeks vacation still. and i'm planning on going to texas, new mexico, and probably arizona. >> reporter: this woman with obama buttons and hillary bunt is on a vest she received from a sun who supported bernie sanders. >> we told each other whoever came through, to the general election, we would vote for each other. >> reporter: another sanders supporters taking november and making up her mind. >> i'm not 100% for hillary. but we have to compromise in order to save the planet. >> reporter: a moment in history, and now a big battle is next. >> i'm so excited and inspired. this is the woman i wanted since i was 17 when she was first lady. i was so moved by everything she had to say.
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>> reporter: tonight at the watch party they were signing people up for a phone bank the first week of august and they tell me next week they plan to open up their official campaign headquarters in san francisco to prepare for the battle of the general election. live in san francisco, jana katsuyama, ktvu fox 2 news. joining us now brian sobel and university of san francisco professor of politics james taylor. james, it was the biggest speech of her career. how did she do tonight? >> i thought she did a fine job. i didn't think she gave the greatest speech of her life but she methodically and painstakingly as a lawyer she has made the case for herself, indicting donald trump and tried to disqualify him. but also say here's a litmus test -- a list of things i can a compass for you based on the record of what i've done. with children, even when i wasn't successful with universal healthcare i was able to achieve a limited impact of healthcare for 20 million children. the signal to bernie's people that there's more going forward in terms of the progressive
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agenda that she seems to have embraced. >> brian, i was reminded of what a historic night this was. i happened to be inundated with as hillary clinton was walking out. i was talking with one of our editors. and i looked up at the monitor and i saw hillary clinton and i looked back at dana and she was crying. and i said, what's going on here. she said, you know what? i'm just proud to be a woman tonight. >> yeah. and his -- and historical night if you are a hillary fan or not, the idea that a woman has achieved this in the united states of america after so many years after the vote was given to women and it should have always been there for women, makes us -- makes this a big night. >> and in some ways it's liberating ferment also. i can't explain it but i know when this happens, i sent around by myself and i cried in the same -- when barack obama went over. it touched me deeply.
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i know the history. i know all the history. i understood it and understood what it meant in spite of everything else, in spite of hillary's political baggage and in spite of hillary specifically, the advent of a woman becoming a nominee of a major party for the first time in 240 years is a big deal for everybody. and only if you are really politically on the personal level does it bother you but it's a major achievement and it's sad it's taken us this long when you look at the brits had their second prime minister who's a woman and the germans and europe is practically run by angela merkel. >> i want to go back to what she said in a speech. she had a long list of big ideas. a lot of themes. a laundry list of sorts. she really didn't lay out any specifics or how to pay for these ideas. >> it was a smorgasbord of a lot of ideas. that came from sanders, some from donald trump, some of her own, some others she had collected along the way. she alluded to the fact that
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she would pay for it by taxing the rich, taxing corporations and that sort of thing. one wonders whether the math works. and on the campaign trail she is going to have to talk about how do i actually pay for all this stuff? >> in fairness, donald trump laid out a laundry list of things he wanted to do, didn't give many specifics as well and didn't talk about how he was going to pay for them. is tonight the night -- >> these are rhetorical speeches that you speak in big ideas and sound like, speak in platitudes. that's what you do at this event. you don't outline specific policy. >> did she handle the trust issue? >> i think everybody else did for her. by the time the stage was set for her, she was able to walk in the way with -- the way her daughter humanized her mother, personalized her mother, i thought was a very powerful thing. that's at the town, the whole week set the tone. this was a well-crafted week for the democrats. >> some people have been asking which was the convention? and i think stagecraft is on the side of the democrats and
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side-by-side comparison, more powerful speakers, very well- known speakers, star power, everything else. it was something to watch. >> we'll see how the dust settles. >> it will settle. >> gentlemen, thank you for being with us for our coverage of the past couple weeks. >> absolutely. >> thank you. clinton and trump will face each other at three presidential debates this fall. the first is set for september 26 at hofstra university on long island. vice presidential debate is scheduled for october 4th at longwood university in virginia. you can get election news anytime on our website,, look for the politics section. now to new development in the soberanes fire burning in monterey county. updated numbers from cal fire tonight now but the number of homes destroyed at 41. the fire has burned nearly 30,000 acres and containment has grown to 15%.
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also today firefighters issued no new evacuation orders. ktvu's azenith smith is live in carmel forest where firefighters addressed the community. azenith? >> reporter: julie, at this community meeting, cal fire is now estimating full containment won't happen until the end of next month. that's because this fire is fierce and unpredictable and and stubborn. in fact they are calling more resources. 50 took a 100 more fire engines to the carmel valley to try and get ahead of it. as the soberanes fire spreads in the canyons north of big sur, residents forced to leave their homes are growing more anxious. not knowing when they can return or what they'll return to. >> within 45 minutes, it went a quarter-mile, destroyed two houses on the way up and then hours. >> reporter: for residents who lost their homes, they are one word, numb. >> the hardest part is getting back --
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>> the fire was fierce. it came through so fast and ferocious. figured there wasn't much chance it was going to survive. >> reporter: 350 residents evacuated, 2000 homes lie in the past. >> we're not out of the woods. >> reporter: nearly a-week-old fire more than 4200 fire personnel called in. now with heavy hearts. private contractor robert reagan who leaves behind a wife and two daughters killed tuesday while operating a bulldozer at the southeast end, remembered by the community tonight. >> i'd like to ask everybody to please remove your hat and recognize him with a brief moment of silence. >> reporter: a moment of silence as crews work around the clock removing drought stricken trees and clearing brush. downed power lines, falling trees and the changing weather hampering the firefight. >> the fire is in probably one of the most difficult stretches
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of land in the state of california to fight fire in. historically fires give us a lot of problems. >> reporter: needless to say this battle to contain the fire long and strenuous, the community is rallying behind them. >> a bunch of people got together on facebook. we met at safeway, start a donation and as you can see, got tons of stuff. >> thank you. what can you say? you're doing everything you can. trying to save our places. >> reporter: as a six state parks are currently closed with the weekend approaching, residents are frustrated. they want highway 1 to be closed down because it's difficult for firetrucks and tourists to share this two-lane highway. for now the highway remains open with businesses depending on those tourism dollars. back to you. >> still a lot of work for firefighters down there. thank you. temperatures did a trend down just a little bit today but it was still quite warm.
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so despite being 102 in livermore, that's a few degrees cooler than yesterday. highs tomorrow are going to cole moore. it is a spare the air day, five in a row for the spare the air days for your bay area friday. temperatures trending down. but slow together. by the weekend, we'll talk more about that, temperatures will drop significantly especially around the bay. fog right at the coast, thundershowers up in the hills around near north of mammoth and up by mountlake up by bishop and also bear valley, the showers will probably continue tomorrow so if you have lake tahoe activities, widely scattered. just keep an eye out for them. fire along the coast -- fog along the coast, fog shooting across the bay. more fog tonight then we've seen, that's because the marine layer has deepened or gotten deeper. 70 in fairfield, 70 in concord right now. overnight lows are going to be
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cooler than they were last night. live shot that shows you the fog on the golden gate bridge. it is dense but also thick. so getting into the inland bay valley and so tomorrow morning, look at the forecast, more fog on the footprint, forecast highs tomorrow slightly cooler still hot. spare the air day for your bay area friday, major cooling coming over the next couple days. i'll let you know how that plays out. a former football player from de la salle high school in concord has died after getting sick during his first day of training at the u.s. army ranger school. 21-year-old michael peril graduated from de la salle and then west point. he was training to become a ranger. at fort benning georgia. military doctors say he suffered from something called hyponatremia before he died. a condition where sodium levels in the blood are too low. it can be brought on by drinking too much water. his former coach, bob, says he was a fantastic young man and also a key member of the team useful tarsal.
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like a utility guy. we used him every game. he was invaluable to the success of the season. >> he died yesterday, funeral arrangements are pending. demonstrators detained, the protest police had to break up this afternoon when it blocked rush hour traffic. here in the south bay, a big night for soccer fans. we'll take you to the historic game. up next, a woman pepper sprayed, knocked down and dragged. the driver who pulled over and risked his life to save her. also, this sketch that police want you to take a close look at. ♪ and these are the lungs. (boy) sorry. (dad) don't worry about it.
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a good samaritan saved a woman in san leandro today from being kidnapped. the incident happened about 7:45 on washington avenue near flores the boulevard. police say a man walked in
10:24 pm
between two parked cars and pepper sprayed a 23-year-old woman as she was walking to work. he then knocked her down and started to drag her into a car. >> i think he set out that he was going to do something and he was looking for the right victim. and he found the place to stop and wait for that victim. >> a good samaritan was driving by, jumped out of his car and stopped the kidnapping. he was also pepper sprayed. the would-be kidnapper then drove off in a late-model nissan four-door sedan with silver wheels and tinted rear windows. here is a sketch. the man is described as a black man between 25 and 40 years old, 5'10", and weighing between 165 and 185 pounds. now to san francisco where more than 200 janitors marched through the streets disrupting rush hour traffic. >> [ yelling ] >> police ended up arresting a
10:25 pm
number of the protesters after they sat down and blocked the intersection of first and market. the protesters are with service employees international union local 87. they are calling on tech companies to give them a quote fair contract. today's march is part of the union's week of rage. the master contractor -- the master contract is set to expire on sunday. new at 10:00, a sold-out crowd for an exhibition soccer game in san jose stadium, major league soccer all-star team against england's arsenal. ktvu's amber lee is there and amber, it was a historic game that is attracting fans from all around the country. >> reporter: a lot of excitement. 18,000 people filled the stadium for the historic game. they told me they spent quite a bit of money to be here but that it was worth it. >> a beautiful game. just the technique. the skill involved.
10:26 pm
and the fans that it -- that get into it. >> reporter: their experience is enhanced by the historic nature of this event. the first all-star major league soccer game to be played here at a via stadium. and only the second time it's been played in san jose. the home team, players from the mls in blue. the arsenal from england in red. >> different from anything else that happens here in the u.s. hockey and basketball and baseball. there it goes! yeah! >> [ cheering ] >> reporter: the excitement is palpable and contagious. fans came from near and far. >> all the way from new jersey to be here. spent a lot of money to get here. i am super excited. really nice to be in here. >> reporter: anywhere from 85 took a $350.
10:27 pm
the stadium is home to the san jose earthquakes and on this night, a showcase for the world's best of the best in soccer. >> this is a big deal. the super bowl, you get see two teams. here you get to see so many players, the best players from all the teams in soccer. >> reporter: season-ticket holders say soccer is family- friendly. in part because of its affordability. >> love to play soccer, watch soccer. earthquake fans. a fun environment to be had. >> reporter: offense predicts soccer with its immense popularity overseas will in the near future enjoy the same here in this country. the bay area has one more sport to celebrate. >> this is the beginning of something. let's hope it can spawn off into something bigger. >> [ cheering ] >> yeah! >> reporter: the final score, arsenal over mls 2-1. live in san jose, amber leigh, ktvu fox 2 news.
10:28 pm
coming up here, a pair of bay area soccer coaches who are legends in their own right. >> i think that's when my dad realized oh, yeah, she was born with a gift. >> how they pioneered women's soccer and are now teaching the next generation in our own backyard. and a suspect under arrest for shooting at an oakland police sergeant plus the apparent motive for that gunfire. ♪ is the world truly ready for a vehicle that can drive itself? an autonomous-thinking automobile that protects those inside and outside.
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the u.s. navy has announced plans to name a ship in honor
10:31 pm
of san francisco politician and gay-rights activist harvey milk. supporters of the move see it as proof the military is reaching out to include members of the lgbt community. opponents argue that milk was an outspoken opponent of war. officials say will be several years before the military sealift command fleet oiler will be put into service. when it is, it will be named the u.s. and as harvey milk. on segment 2 tonight, brazilian soccer legend considered among the best female players in the world, women soccer didn't become an olympic sport until 1996. and she competed in those first games. as claudine wong shows us, she and a fellow olympian now coach the next generation of players right here in the bay area. >> reporter: spend any amount of time at one of coach cici's practices and you will hear her intensity. >> simple. >> reporter: you will also hear her joy. and her passion. >> finish! oh!
10:32 pm
i'm not playing. next. >> reporter: cici is one of those few people in the world who can simply go by one name. her full name is -- >> [ foreign language ] >> if you go to brazil and say i'd like to talk to this lady, people are going to look at you and say, who? no idea. but if we say cici -- >> probably probably a lot of people know. >> reporter: because she's a legend and a pioneer in the soccer world. she was on brazil's first world cup team. she was on the first olympic team and the second and as far as recognition, there are too many awards to list. >> seven golds, -- seven goals in 1999. second best player. that was the super bowl as well. that's my two babies outside. >> reporter: that is really heavy. i left it on the mantle along with all the other trophies. but cici is now recognized as both player and coach.
10:33 pm
>> how do you describe yourself? >> i'm trying to find that. i still struggle with that identity. >> reporter: cici's sucker story begins at the age of seven when soccer was just for boys. >> i was seven years old. i saw my dad and my brother playing in the backyard. the way that i found to be able -- i decided to go use my baldhead. my mom thought i was crazy. that's when my dad realized oh, yeah, she was born with a gift. >> reporter: a gift that had her leaving home at the age of 14. after a coach spotted her in again. her dream took her all over the world. and it introduced her to the gate. both are pioneers, friends, coaches and teammates but they met on opposing teams. >> we were rivals. i was playing against her. and i had to mark her. two years after, we became teammates
10:34 pm
on the international team so we became bff like we say, best friends. two world cups and one on the games. so the first world cup, the first olympic games for soccer, i was there. >> reporter: both women will tell you being a pioneer isn't easy. >> get the soccer ball again. >> reporter: discrimination had tafa wanting to quit early on but her mother changed her mind. >> you're going to be the one that needs to hear all these hurtful things. and keep going. for the other ones that come after, not to have that in their life. i got that and i said, you are right, mother. >> reporter: and so many have come after. still, while things are improving in brazil, it is u.s. that welcomed them. from soccer legends like brandi chastain. >> she is special. a dear friend. when you see the environment for the women's soccer here, and you look at the environment for women soccer in brazil, you
10:35 pm
don't want to go back. >> falcons on three. one, two, three falcon! >> michael came into my life when he was two days old. >> reporter: he likes soccer but -- >> he wants to be a basketball player. wants to play for the warriors. >> reporter: she laughs but she doesn't mind. >> ticket touch, got to go. got to go. finish! oh! >> reporter: while the love of soccer runs deep, both she and tafa will tell you it's about much more. >> we're going to go over the wall, then you turn. now you are not using the back, you are using the step over, turn and dribble with the same for your dribbling before. >> she really teaches us how to play soccer. >> reporter: it's about passing on the passion. >> now still playing even at age 49. >> when are you going to retire? >> i'm going to retire here. i don't see myself without
10:36 pm
soccer. it's kind of interesting. the more i play, the more i want to keep playing but my body is already telling me, hey, i think it's the time, maybe this year. >> reporter: both women now coach for the walnut creek soccer club and both coach very young players. >> the little ones can dream and they can fulfill their dreams. >> away from each other. >> reporter: in these girls, they say they see themselves. >> we are the best! you know it. you know it. you never want to show it. go walnut creek! >> reporter: the girls simply love playing the game. >> i love it. it's my passion. >> reporter: and girls who only need to look at their coaches to know impossible dreams can come true. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: you can catch more stories about bay area people each weekend, join claudine wong saturdays on fox 2 at 6:30 a.m.
10:37 pm
and sundays on ktvu plus at 9:00 a.m. san francisco giants made a deal ahead of the trade deadline but not for a pitcher. mark will tell us how they sealed the deal for an all-star player.
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10:39 pm
oakland police arrested a man who fired shots at a police sergeant over the weekend. the suspect was checked to stockton where he had barricaded himself inside a house before surrendering. his name hasn't been released. police say the man opened fire on sergeant nadia clark over
10:40 pm
the weekend while she was trapped in her suv after a traffic collision. as for motive, the suspect may have been inspired by the anti- police sentiment seen in recent killings of police officers in dallas and baton rouge. >> he did make some statements when he conducted that act. that would lead me to believe that it is part of that story a little bit. the overall narrative that's going on now nationally. >> reporter: oakland police have been writing to in a car while on patrol but supervisors such as sergeant clark typically arrive at a crime scene when other officers are already there. that's why she was alone in her vehicle. case and fiscal man who confronted another man for urinating in public ended up being beaten unconscious and then taken to the hospital. the incident happened south of market on jesse street near mint plaza. the man who was allegedly urinating punched, kicked and then knocked the victim
10:41 pm
unconscious. a passerby found the victim and called police. officers say they have identified the attacker through surveillance video and they say it's just a matter of time now led investigators to an elaborate marijuana grow operation. after a four-month investigation, sheriff's detectives served the search warrant at a home on alcorn court. inside detectives say they discovered 428 plants in various stages of growth. the street value is estimated at more than $40,000. 39-year-old jason johnson of vallejo was booked into the solano county jail on several charges related to the cultivation and sale of marijuana. in concord, police out and fight a man found dead yesterday on the side of willow pass road and they say he is the victim of a hit-and-run accident. a passing driver spotted the body of 28-year-old frank fernandez of a point along the road near the old concord naval weapons station.
10:42 pm
police closed the road for hours looking for evidence. they say fernandez was killed sometime yesterday morning. so far no description of the car that hit him. still ahead, a mystery solved. thousands of people saw a bright light streak across the night sky but what was it? the answer and why we could see more just like it. and it's hot out there. ?q
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
today we learned exactly what caused the bright light seen streaking in the sky above the bay area and several western states last night. turns out it wasn't a meteor as many people thought but something actually man-made. it's was called space junk. part of a chinese rocket falling out of orbit and then burning up in the atmosphere. scientists say there is more of
10:45 pm
this type of debris in space than you may think. astronomers find it surprising we don't see this type of event more often. >> generally it's the closer they are to earth, the lower the orbit, the quicker they come back. there's a lot of stuff up there, thousands of pieces that they actually track. >> nasa says average of one piece of debris has fallen to earth every day for the past 50 years but no injuries or property damage have been reported. a lot of events happening around the bay area this weekend. here is ktvu's rosemary orozco with our weekend watch. >> as the weekend nears here are events happening around the bay. fitness enthusiasts, the san francisco marathon health and fitness expo is in town this weekend. variety of activities and opportunities can be found at the festival for both -- pavilion friday and saturday, in the east bay, the 32nd art and wine fair will fill downtown alameda on park avenue, vendor booths, food, wine, beer, and a kids area. the fair runs saturday and sunday.
10:46 pm
grab your kite and headed to berkeley for the kite festival. saturday and sunday from 10 to six at berkeley marina. to the inner east bay where the venetian waterfront festival is taking place. you will find live music, craft beers, wine, food and kids activities saturday and sunday. north bay, the festival is this saturday from 10 to get 6:30. multicultural food area, beer garden, kids activities and more. last but not least, we had to the south bay for the gilroy garlic festival. from calamari to ice cream, taste everything garlic and also find live entertainment, cooking contests, arts, crafts, wine tasting and a children's area. the gilroy garlic fest runs sunday through sunday through sunday i should say, 10:00 a.m. to get 7:00 p.m. giants are at home, a's and quakes on the road. i'm rosemary orozco and that is your weekend watch. here we go, we've got the
10:47 pm
weekend around the corner. tomorrow another spare the air day. air quality less than great. smoke from the fire kind of in the area again and not as bad as it was a couple days ago but we've -- with that said as we head towards the weekend, this inversion, shallow inversion goes away. which is great. it will cool off a little bit. air quality better on the weekend but also southwind kicks in so that will bring up that smoke from monterey bay and salinas valley into our area. will be watching that for the bay area weekend. ties from today, cooler than yesterday. thought along the coast, still there. not picking up right here now but still there and you've got a few showers showing up to lake tahoe. we've got fog that's going to spread further inland. you can already see it. there's the temperature footprint, the greens being 50s and 60s. that's the intrusion of the moist cool marine air. this is the most cooling we've seen all week. as a matter of fact, five degrees cooler in concord right
10:48 pm
now than it was last night. it's just a degree or two in san jose and mountain view but definitely on a cooling trend. there's oakland, the fog already up over the city. so the inversion or the thickness of the fog is deeper. up around 1200 feet. it's been much cooler or lower than that. down below 800 feet in some cases. through the microclimates tomorrow, you've got 91 out in the concord area and then upper 90s, low one hundreds as you head into the inland bay valley. another spare the air day, high- pressure bringing thunderstorms a little further north. we saw that up around bear valley and those areas up around yosemite. tomorrow is going to be hot inland again but upper 90s. which is hot. not as hot as it's been. this low comes in, the mechanism for the clouds of smoke over the weekend but also the mechanism for the cooling. so double edged sword. i don't think we'll see a spare the air day on saturday or
10:49 pm
sunday but you will notice in the sunset how red it's going to be. in the meantime, tomorrow a lot like today. slightly cooler, friday cooler still. saturday and sunday look for some smoke and significant cooling. forecast 90 in san jose tomorrow, that's hot. downtown san jose, plenty of water for the pets and take it easy during the day but look at san mateo. 7667 in san francisco. more cooling around the bay tomorrow, further cooling towards the weekend. more clouds and fog and kind of better. it's been a long week. i found myself getting grumpy. when it's hot i get grumpy. >> i got a little tired. made me sleepy. >> and grumpy. [ laughter ] >> it goes hand-in-hand. >> thank you. coming up, the giants made a move to acquire an all-star as they try to avoid losing 10 of 12 since the all-star break.
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10:52 pm
all right. like i said last night, the giants are struggling but they did bring in some new life today. >> yeah. a little trade with the deadline coming up monday, they did make a move. happy to see dusty baker back in their ballpark. until the game started when his nationals pounced on another one of the giant aces. this time johnny cueto,
10:53 pm
starting to get really serious. losers of 10 of 12. since the all-star break. leading the west in a minuscule two games now as the giants try and get it going with joe panik back in the lineup after suffering a concussion several weeks ago. he went 0-4, johnny cueto roughed up a little but this is a little hint of what was to come. daniel murphy deep, denard span with a nice catch how there. but the nationals hitting the ball hard, of that man johnny cueto in the second inning. a couple else, the run comes with two down. three in fact, trea turner backup the middle, smoked it up the side of the diamond. cueto five innings, eight hits, three runs. in the sixth, bryce harper, he had been 0 for his last 19. down the left field line, that scores a run. against albert suarez. it is a 4-1 final, giants go down again, cueto not able to stop the losing as he is now 13-
10:54 pm
3. right now any help would be welcome as the giants to complete a pre-trade deadline deal to acquire infielder eduardo nunez from the twins. he made the american league all- star team this year. bristol, pretty impressive offensive stats. hitting .296. 12 homers, 47 rbis. leading the american league in steals with 26. pump a little life into that offense. and you may see him in the lineup. the giants parted with alberto mejia, a pitcher who will go to the twins. no turning back now, football has arrived. the raiders literally checking into their nap headquarters up north for training camp tomorrow. for practice beginning the quest to make it back to the playoffs if you can believe it, first time since 2002 when they went to the super bowl. not false optimism. this is the best assemblage of talent like derek car at quarterback, khalil mack on defense and a newcomer in the
10:55 pm
defensive backfield, sean smith who figures to be a great addition. and then they've got a little personality as well. as their punter, marquette king shows up dressed as a power ranger. you've got to do something to break up the monotony of things. training camp will start tomorrow officially with practice and he will trade that helmet for a football helmet, latavious murray one of their stars in the offense of backfield, is ready for some football for sure. >> i had dreams about football. every day. might jump in my sleep, whether it's a guy i made miss or a guy that hit me. you have to eat, sleep, and sing football and i do. >> to shoot a 58 in miniature golf, that would be worth a mention and even though the pga championship is the big story, you've got to drop a line about a golfer stefan yeager nailing a 1258, the first round of the ellie mae classic.
10:56 pm
that's out in heyward. probably heard about that in new jersey. -- a 12 under 58. martin kaymer tied for second at four under. this is his birdie on his ninth hole, number 1 on the course. jamie walker is the leader, at seven from the fringe. nice role, five under 65. first time he has ever lead a major. henrik stenson, look out for him, to get back and we have all-star activity. at the beautiful venue in san jose. yeah. avaya stadium. didier drogba in stoppage time, 47 47th minute in there. mls evens it 1-1. 87th minute for arsenal, game designer, and that made it a 2-1 game. 2-1 is your final. that's the sporting life for thursday night. >> thanks for joining us. good night.
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come on, boys! it's leap day, not sleep day! - whoo! - (claps hands) i love leap day! (chuckles) it's kind of a big deal in the dunphy house. this year, we even got manny involved. you're given this gift of 24 extra hours. you can't waste it at work or school. you have to do something extraordinary, - something shocking. - mm. this year, the entire family is taking a trapeze class. - how extraordinary is that? - it was my idea. how shocking is that? i can be spontaneous every four years. i can't wait. leap day is stupid. you're not understanding the logic behind it. a year is actually 365.25 days. every four years, we gain one day. if we didn't adjust the calendar in, say, 40 years, february would almost be january. that's not my problem, and it's definitely not your problem. look at this. the housekeeper turned another one of my whites pink. i can't wear this to a sports bar.


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